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Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)
1)CISS is a new, environmentally friendly product.
2)With the usage of big capacity of ink device, ink capacity is now 15 times larger than that of the  original  cartridge.
3) The ink supply system uses independent bottles for each color, which can be refilled repeatedly.
4)Can reduce the cost by 70-80% besides the original cartridge, and can be continuously used. 
5)Beautiful and well-done overall styling. It uses the small capacity outside ink holding bottle in 100ml, and grafts the modern contour design, making it modern, typical, delicate and smart, with graceful lines. Very  popular.
6) Installation is simple and easy: change its original ink supply system without refilling the machine. It is not necessary to change the structure of original inkjet printer. CISS needs no maintenance. It can be used in a plug-and-play way.  Washing-free and maintenance-free.

Epson XP- Series CISS
Epson XP- Series CISS
  Continuous Ink supply System  (CISS)
1.Carbon zero technology: all materials have to undergo a rigorous purification before production, every process in excess of the standard
Purification plant to eliminate clogging outside dust into the cartridges; In addition, the ink prior to filling by
2.Over 1um, 0.5um, 0.2 um the three to strict filtering, Jimo water contained in the particle diameter is minimal, the popular point is to use a long time are not blocking nozzle compatible cartridges are accepted, right?
3.Good sealing: The United States imports ultrasonic welding equipment in cartridge production from the cartridge case is completely sealed, will never Loumo, mixing phenomenon
4. green: PP or HIPS plastic material, adding biodegradable ingredients, the natural decomposition of applicability, flexible Jia, reduce
Environmental pollution.
5. out of ink smooth: with a new chip and nozzle strainer and sponge padding imported carbon zero technology raw ink, print smooth.
Super compatible: production data, production technology, the same as with the original, 100% compatible with the original use without any obstruction.
6.cost: my premise to meet the personal and general office environment print quality supplies, a year savings
More than 85% of the cost of printing.
7. fight price, only than quality: best value for money must be in my supplies company, because we are professional supplies production
8.long shelf life: the ink cartridges have a very strong chemical stability, the cartridge processing in completely sterile, constant temperature environment, which will effectively ensure the cartridges to keep more than two years
refill ink cartidge for epson 9700 7700 9710 7710 series
refill ink cartidge for epson 9700 7700 9710 7710 series
 pigment/dye/dye uv/sublimtion/solvent ink

1  High Stability:All Pigment ink pass 3-month long

    high-low temperature cycles test.

2  Light fastness: Light fastness is over 7 grade and have                   

    good Water fastness.

3  Shining Glossy: Impressive glossy and quick-dry           



5  Bigger color gamut, rich color performance, excellent 


6  With higher fluency, no clogging spray nozzle, more

    compatibility with various media.

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